Counter Displays

In the last 10 years, Legniedisegni has put more commitment and energy into the design and production of stands, which are made according to the type of product they are going to display.

Real pieces of furniture made of various materials (plastics, lacquered MDF, plywoods, melamines, etc.), shaped and fitted define these displays which are created specifically to best present any product, both in retail outlets as well as in trade-fair stands.

The display is an indispensable communication tool for visual promotions, presentations and events. They are characterized by the effective graphic design directly linked to the products displayed, the ad campaign or the company's brand.

Within the production of the displays offered by Legniedisegni, two key models can be distinguished: floor displays or totems and counter displays.

Counter displays are always objects of limited size; they are often designed to be positioned in strategic points within the stores; and they are very useful for strengthening the presence of the corporate brand and for pushing the sale of the article on display.

Floor displays have a greater impact; they are far more complex and larger in size; and they are usually modeled to increase their visibility and to attract customers.

Equipped with shelves, they often have a solid base which may store additional stock and they are characterized by a top normally used to make the company's logos very visible and can include forex panels with printed graphics and brochure pockets.

  • Counter screen display for playing promotional videos and cardboard graphic communications
  • Counter display for courtesy lights for children with cardboard communication graphics
  • Stackable cutlery display
  • Cutlery display stand
  • Counter display for gadgets
  • Counter display for gadgets
  • Counter display for professional shakers (Company - Piazza Effepi)
  • Ice cream scoop display stand
  • Aromatic salt stands
  • Counter display for displaying professional kitchen knives
  • Display base supports (“Ambiente 2009” – Frankfurt)
  • Gadgets for banks (piggy banks and Euro symbols)
  • Plexiglass base for faucets and fittings
  • Wooden base for faucets and fittings
  • Faucets and fitting displays
  • Displays for artwork, tourist and advertising info developed according to a specific promotional program