Outsourcing and Giftware

Legniedisegni has always been characterized by its ability of developing ad hoc projects for other companies, which has made it possible to consider these relationships as with “partners” rather than traditional “suppliers”. Often simply defined outsourcing is a true specialization which comes from a high level of technical skill and great experience.

This is how dedicated productions of giftware, furnishings, bathroom furniture of high quality and design are developed per large companies, where Legniedisegni acts as the main leader, controlling the entire process, from the sourcing of the raw materials to the final phases of packaging and shipping.

The use of CNC machines and software permit three-dimensional images to be created, thus allowing the execution of various kinds of work processes on panels of different materials, such as notches on even highly complex designs, drilling, contouring etc.

A special section has been dedicated to the building of custom packing crates out of phenolic plywood which also lines the inside to ensure that all goods, from the bulky and heavy to the most delicate and precious, are safely transported and protected during the delivery process.

  • Pear wood and silver tea set (“Tea & Coffee Towers” - 2003)
  • Pear wood and silver tea set (“Tea & Coffee Towers” - 2003)
  • Zig Zag – steamed pear picture frame
  • Elle – steamed pear picture frame with beaded slit
  • Taim – steamed pear table clock
  • Uno – pencil holder with steamed pear shaped base
  • Inkuadro – steamed pear picture frame
  • Slot – picture frame with steamed pear shaped base
  • Bonsay – wheeled vase holder with steamed pear frame
  • Arco – cart with beech wood sides
  • Asso - ash rectangular chopping board
  • Cutting Boards
  • Hot Plate – steamed pear square trivet
  • Hot Dong – steamed pear octagonal trivet with steel studs and sprung footed
  • Ondina – maple grater
  • Tak Tik - Orologio con cornice ad incastro a pettine in acero o pero evaporato
  • Clock
  • Color cards with small magnetic targets
  • Birch single bathroom furniture
  • Two-colored birch double bathroom furniture
  • Three-dimensional bulletin boards
  • Packing Case
  • Packing Case
  • Packing Case